The Best Things To Do On Your Holiday Nights

Most people visit places to experience their history and culture, laze on the beaches or enjoy the stunning landscape. But come evening, some cities come alive and offer the visitor an incredible nightlife. As the sun goes down, you may hear the strains of a guitar in a jazz bar, see well-dressed people stepping into fine-dining restaurants and feel the pulse of the nightclubs as they throw open their doors to the party animals.
Here are some of the cities known for their nightlife where you can make the most of your holiday nights:


After you have taken a tour of Madrid’s grand palaces, museums, cathedrals and parks, get into a party mood in the evening because its residents sure know how to party. Dinner is served late so the night begins at around 11pm. Almost every neighbourhood has great tapas bars and restaurants. You can also catch wonderful live flamenco performances at clubs such as Corral de la. Palacio de Gaviria plays every kind of dance music in its many rooms, Pacha is a rocking discotheque and Kapital has seven different parties going at the same time, one on each of its seven floors – this place is for the serious clubber. But these are just a few of the happening places. The city has loads of dance halls, cafes, movie houses, theatres and of course nightclubs, so there’s plenty happening every night.

New York

The Big Apple never sleeps. Its cosmopolitan nature makes New York a vibrant place and offers the visitor an incredible choice. The amazing thing about the city is that it ignores the clock completely – you can hit the dance floor at 6am or hit the bar when most people are having cereal for breakfast! New York’s round-the-clock energy is infectious. From charming Irish pubs to posh piano bars and elegant lounges, from Broadway shows to pulsating nightclubs, from sophisticated art gallery receptions to free public concerts, the mix and variety is truly mind-boggling. Every kind of music and every kind of cuisine is available for every kind of taste. Nobu, Per Se, Corton and Adour are some of the fancier restaurants to try out but there are loads of more modest restaurants and delis to choose from. La Belle Epoque, Pacha, The Pink Elephant and Lotus are some of the popular nighclubs. For something more posh, check out The Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel, The Box and The Beatrice Inn. The best ting to do is to just dive in and make the most of your stay in New York.

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Rio de Janeiro

Most famous for its Carnaval, you can expect a party atmosphere in Rio. It’s a beautiful City with the statue of Christ The Redeemer overlooking its miles of sandy beaches, thick rain forests, mountains and city sprawl. A festive beach atmosphere lingers through the day and night. Baronetti, Ruth and Melt are the more exclusive clubs where the well-heeled come to dance the night away. There are a great variety of dining options like Espirito Santa, which is famous for its authentic Brazilian food, and Careme whose celebrity chef serves up great French and Italian fare.


Catch the best plays at the West End where British thespians and the occasional A-list Hollywood actor take their bows. Local pubs are an institution so drop in to sample some beer at a nearby pub. Gordon Ramsay Restaurant is the celebrity chef’s signature restaurant and always makes every ‘Top 10’ list. Zuma, Hibiscus, Chez Bruce, The Cinnamon Club and the Greenhouse are a few others to try out. London is an expensive city so watch out for the bill. The city’s immigrant population has livened up its cuisine and Chicken Tikka Masala is probably the country’s most famous dish.
Music, however, remains the driving force of London’s nightlife and you can catch top bands in concerts or at a club. The Ministry Of Sound, Funky Buddha, Boujis, Amika and Crystal are for serious clubbing.


Berlin has everything – an avant-garde cultural scene, casual cafes, laidback bars and high-octane clubs. The nightlife is considered to be the best in Europe. Berlin is also the techno capital of the world! But the curious thing about its clubs is that they don’t go out of their way to advertise and often have nondescript entrances so finding even a happening club can be quite a task. Berghain, Panorama Bar, King Kong Klub, Kaffee Burger, Weekend, Watergate, B Grad and Club Maria are popular choices. A-Trane is a favourite with jazz lovers. There’s no dearth of hip clubs but you just have to look a bit harder than in most cities. There are no curfews so clubs are open till the wee hours.
You will find some smart restaurants serving German, French, Austrian, Indian, Chinese and Turkish food. So dig in.

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