Cancellation Holidays and Last-Minute Travel Deals

Sometimes it pays to be impulsive and to just take off on a spur of the moment holiday. Apart from a sense of adventure and the joy that comes from something unexpected and unplanned, there are great holiday bargains to be had. And what’s more, you don’t even have to spend hours doing all the extensive planning that goes into a regular holiday.

Cancellation holidays are pre-booked and, possibly, fully paid for holidays that have been cancelled at the last minute because of some unforeseen health or personal reasons. As a result, the tour operators are ready to sell their pre-sold package holidays at a bargain. Especially because the holiday may be very close to the date of departure and they have a very short time to sell the holiday.

If you want to cash in on a cancellation holiday, you should be prepared to show some flexibility. If it’s an all-inclusive holiday, the travel dates may not be exactly the ones you had in mind. Or you may have wanted a cheaper or a more luxurious hotel. You may face similar constraints with car hire and flight class. Take a flexible approach and compromise a little because in spite of everything, you are likely to get a great bargain.

Some of the cancellation holidays may just include accommodation, be it hotels or self-catering villas and apartments. They may not include flights and car hire. In which case you may have to book the air tickets and car by yourself. Air tickets too often tend to be cheaper closer to the date of departure, if many tickets remain unsold. This however may not be true during peak holiday season. The same is true for car rentals.

If you feel like a cruise, there’s a greater chance of getting some great last minute deals. Apart from cancellations, if cabins remain unsold, many cruise ships will offer incredible discounts instead of sailing with too few passengers. So do look out for bargains on cruises, especially if you happen to live near a port.

As far as holiday travel destinations are concerned, Europe, USA, Asia and the Caribbean have some of the best deals. But the deals are not limited to these regions, decide on your destination and you are likely to get some great bargains.

If you buy a cancellation holiday or pay for a last-minute deal, do read the terms and conditions carefully. There may be a few restrictions that you may not be happy about.

Otherwise, throw a few things in the bag. Swipe your credit card on a great deal. And set off on a great holiday!

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