Romantic Honeymoon Cruise Destinations

One of the most romantic ways to spend your honeymoon is to set off on a leisurely cruise amidst crystal blue waters. Spacious private suites, incredible cuisine, attentive service and unforgettable sunsets make the perfect ingredients for a memorable honeymoon. If your budget allows, opt for smaller yachts and boats instead of joining thousands of families on a huge ocean liner.

You can sunbathe on the deck or stretch out in your suite and hear the waves gently lapping against the hull. Special barbecues served on isolated beaches and wonderful candlelight dinners on board are some of the other highlights of a honeymoon cruise. You can also enjoy kayaking, snorkeling and fishing while sailing around remote islands and coves. Day excursions to various islands are often also part of your cruise itinerary.

There are many great Romantic Destinations to choose from for your honeymoon. Some great honeymoon destinations include French Polynesia, central France, the Greek islands and Alaska, as well some Private Beach Resorts in exotic locales.

French Polynesia

If you’ve done the Caribbean, try French Polynesia which has a more romantic vibe and is definitely less crowded. French Polynesia comprises 118 islands so your cruise can take you to the smaller, secluded islands as well as the more well known ones like Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea. The incredible reefs found here offer superb snorkeling.

Tahiti is the largest and the most populated of all islands. Craggy peaks jut out of lush green tropical forests through which many streams flow. Papeete is the capital of French Polynesia and is located in Tahiti. Papeete means ‘water in a basket’.
Moorea, meaning yellow lizard, is the second largest island and is located just 12 miles off Tahiti. A wonderful shallow lagoon surrounds the island. Volcanic peaks and lush forests create a picturesque location.
Bora Bora is another breathtaking island with lovely white sandy beaches, tropical scenery and rich marine life.
With 118 islands, there’s a lot to discover and enjoy.

Also read about Le Taha’a Private Island & Spa which is located just off Bora Bora.

Burgundy and Franche Comte, France

An idyllic way to spend your honeymoon is on a luxurious barge which sails slowly, as in very slowly, through ancient canals that criss-cross through France. The leisurely pace takes you through ancient fortress towns, vineyards and lovely local restaurants and markets. The slow pace of the cruise makes you relax and allows you to appreciate nature as you sail through centuries old canals.

Choose a smaller, luxurious barge which doesn’t have more than four to five suites. Some of the suites come with French antiques and even a marble bathtub! Five-course gourmet meals paired with the finest wines are served on board. The meals also include local produce and delicacies. Candlelit dinners on deck are a great way to enjoy each other’s company as well as the peace and beauty of the French countryside.

Also choose an itinerary which takes you through historic towns and the verdant wine country. Sailing through Burgundy and Franche Comte is a good route which will take you through the Canal de Bourgogne. On the way you will pass through Chagny and Denevy which are both steeped in history. You will also sail along the wine regions of Cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune and, no doubt, stop and taste some delectable wines.

The barges often provide bikes so you can just stop at a quaint village and go cycling along country roads and tree-lined streets. After the sumptuous meals and many glasses of wine, this is something you may really look forward to.

Alaska and the Greek islands are also incredibly scenic places for a honeymoon cruise. You can even charter your own yacht for a truly romantic honeymoon. Read more at Alaska Yacht Charters and Greek Island Yacht Charters. To help you plan a cruise, read Cruise Holidays.

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