Why opt for car hire in Lanzarote

The scenic island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands is a great travel destination with loads to do and see. A variety of transport options are available to you the minute you land at Lanzarote’s Arrecife airport.

If you are staying at a prominent resort, a free shuttle would have been organized by your resort. Public buses, called guaguas and pronounced wahwah, are a cheap way to travel. The bus network covers all the major tourist attractions and resorts but is at best adequate. The frequency of buses is also not great. Taxis are easily available and aren’t too expensive. You can hail them on the road or ring for them. However, the best way to explore any place is to hire a car. A car allows you to stop wherever you like, stuff the boot with beach gear and frees you from being dependent on bus timings and availability of cabs. With a car you can stop at hidden coves, wander off the beaten path, halt to admire a great view and visit small inland villages. You will particularly enjoy the drive to the Timanfaya National Park. The island is not very big so you don’t have to travel great distances.

The roads in Lanzarote are of a pretty good standard and road signs are clearly marked, making it easy to navigate. Most reputed car hire companies like Budget, Euro Car etc. are represented at the airport so you can hire your car as soon as you land. Car hire is also possible at the main urban centres. Alternatively, plan ahead and book on the net and you will probably get a better rate plus the car of your choice, both in terms of size as well as make.

You will need your passport, driving licence and credit card to hire a car. You also need to be over 21 years of age. Minimum third party insurance is required. The speed limit on motorways is 120kmph. The legal alcohol limit is 0.25%, which means you cannot have more than two glasses of wine and then drive.

Your car hire company will provide you with road maps as well as emergency numbers in case of a breakdown.

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