When to choose a Holiday Motel

The difference between a hotel and a motel is sometimes blurred. But traditionally, a motel – the word is derived from the term motor hotel, used to be located on the highway or a freeway just outside a town or city. Motels are usually simple one or two storey structures built around a parking lot. So guests can just park their cars in the parking lot, unload their luggage and walk up to their rooms. Very rarely will you find a formal lobby through which you precede to your room.

If you are traveling by road then staying at a motel makes a lot of sense. You can skip the crazy city traffic by staying on the outskirts. Budget too plays an important part. Motels are cheaper than hotels. Being on the outskirts of a city means that real estate is cheaper. You also won’t find all the amenities like room service, cable television, jacuzzis, restaurants, internet connectivity etc. that you will generally expect at a hotel. The overall experience is uncomplicated and you do get your money’s worth most of the time.

These days, however, it just depends on whether the owner wants to call his establishment a hotel or a motel as there is no standardisation.

Motel 6

With over a 1000 motels spread across the US and Canada, Motel 6 is far the largest motel chain in North America. It has been recently bought over by Accor, one of the world’s largest hotel groups. The standard of lodging is generally dependable. The rooms are sparingly furnished yet are reasanably comfortable. Bathrooms are clean. And most importantly the tariff is affordable.

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