Make the most of last minute cruises

You may have always wanted to experience the romance and luxury of a cruise but felt that it was just too expensive. Well, last minute cruises are a great way to get around the hefty price tag and enjoy your holiday travel.

Cruise liners are typically huge ships that carry thousands of passengers on board. But their size makes it difficult for them to fill up all their rooms. So as the date of departure draws nearer, they start discounting their cruise packages. They have to sail anyway and it is preferable not to sail with empty cabins. Plus the cruise companies make most of their money on extras such as shore excursions, onboard massages and other services. So they are quite happy to offer their cruises at a discounted rate.

This is where you step in.  If you have a flexible schedule and are prepared to compromise, if needed, about the cabin onboard, then a last minute cruise is perfect for you. Contact a travel agent or do an internet search and identify a cruise package that suits your budget. Princess, Cunard Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Disney and Carnival are some of the most respected cruise companies in the world. They are known for their service and amenities and offer a luxurious way to travel and discover the magic of an ocean crossing. So check out their sites and see what they have to offer.

A typical cruise has a duration of about 7 days. Identify your travel destination, decide on your budget and the number of days you want to spend at sea. Then shortlist your options. Now it’s time to take a hard look at the fine print. Check the conditions under which a particular stateroom or cabin is offered. You may be assigned a stateroom with no porthole next to an entertainment lobby or under a dance floor, making it claustrophobic and noisy! Your package may not be all-inclusive and you may have to pay for more extras than you had anticipated. There may be no refunds. The last minute deal may apply only to firemen, military personnel, senior citizens or other specified categories. It’s wise to read the terms and conditions carefully so there are no nasty surprises later.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the best deals are available when kids are at school. So there are great bargains to be had from September to early December. But it’s hurricane season from June to November in the Caribbean and the Bahamas and you don’t want to sail in choppy seas if you are headed there. Weather is an important factor while deciding on your cruise and it’s best to do your homework.

Some great deals are to be had on Christmas cruises. So if you don’t have a big Christmas planned with your family, why not set sail with cancellation cruises? They are a great way to enjoy a memorable Christmas at a price that won’t bust the bank.

If you live in or around New York, keep an eye out for some incredible last minute cruise deals. There are hundreds of cruises from New York to the Bahamas, Caribbean, Trans Panama Canal, Bermuda, Eastern USA, Canada and Europe. You can depart from any of its three ports of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Cape Liberty (NJ).

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