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People are always looking for ways to escape the city. Log cabin holidays may be the perfect way to get away, chill out and connect with nature. Most often the log cabins are located amidst stunning scenery and from your window or porch you may see nothing for miles except nature. The rustic charm of the all-wood structure is something to experience. Some cabins are basic while others offer incredible luxury or are part of eco resorts.
If you are aiming to stay in a log cabin, here are a few ideas for your holiday travel:

Smoky Mountains, USA

Cherokee Indians used to call the mountains Shaconage which means the ‘the place of the blue smoke’. A deep blue haze clings to the mountains much of the time. The haze or smoke is caused by water vapour rising from the thick forests that cover the lofty mountains and its valleys. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park covers an area of 814 square miles and straddles the states of North Carolina and Tennessee. It is the most visited of America’s National Parks.
Waterfalls, streams and rivers abound. The thick forests are home to an infinite species of wildflowers. Many people come to see black bears and white-tailed deer in their natural habitat. Anglers go for trout fishing. The hiking trails too are fabulous. The Park itself has one of the largest collections of historic log buildings. The winters are mild and hiking can be fun. There’s a colour extravaganza in Fall, and Spring and Summer see a carpet of gorgeous wildflowers.
The Park’s only accommodation is the Le Conte Lodge where the amenities are basic but the view is spectacular. You can only reach it on foot and bookings need to be made a year in advance! Many log cabin resorts have sprung up around the National Park especially in the towns of Gatlinburg in Tennessee and Cherokee in North Carolina where the Park entrances are. You can stay in a remote cabin with great views of the Smokies. From small 1-bedroom cabins to luxury cabins with their own pool, the choice is varied and suits all budgets.
Best time to visit: All year round.

The Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Rivers, lochs, mountains and wonderfully isolated beaches make the Scottish Highlands a great retreat. The scenery can only be described as stunning. Fishing in remote lochs, bird watching, rock climbing, golfing, canoeing and off-road biking are some of the activities to undertake. The best thing to do however is walk. The low density of population makes everything a joy and it’s the reason why you will see incredible species and numbers of birds.
Most log cabins are situated in wooded areas near lochs which means you have unobstructed views and enjoy spectacular sunsets. It’s quite common to spot deer near your cabin. Most rental cabins are self-catering but there’s usually a supermarket and pub nearby.
Loch Ness (of the Loch Ness monster fame) and Loch Lomond are the more well-known lochs in Scotland but venture beyond these to more remote locations to truly experience the Highlands.
Best time to visit: June, July and August

There are scores of location options for log cabin holidays in the UK stretching across the country so you have a lot to choose from.


The concept of a log cabin originates from Scandinavia. More than half of Sweden is covered by forests and the untouched beauty is something to behold. In Sweden you will find log cabins on the banks of tranquil lakes as well as high up on snow-covered mountains. Summers are great to spend by the lake and to just dive into the lake. The sun doesn’t set till midnight so there’s a lot you can do during the day. Mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, rafting, kayaking and trekking are the favourite activities.
In winter, the ski resorts come alive for the more adventurous. There’s nothing like sitting in a cosy log cabin in front of a fire and watching the snowflakes glide by your window. In Lapland you can see the Northern Lights from September to April but for snow, visit November onwards. The one thing to remember though is that winters can be bitterly cold. It is dark even during the day and as a result ski slopes are often lit artificially. So a winter log cabin holiday is not for the faint-hearted.
Best time to visit: May to September, November to January

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