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Best Cities To Celebrate New Year Holidays

On the 31st of December, the best parties take place on city streets and not in hip nightclubs. New Year’s Eve is perhaps the only day that is widely celebrated across the world. For once, religion, culture and other issues don’t come in the way of a good party and total strangers greet each other and share drinks.

To help you plan your holiday travel for your New Years holidays, here’s our pick of the cities that see the biggest and liveliest parties:


In Sydney the New Year’s Eve celebrations are well under way even as New Yorkers are waking up. Sydney is the first city to celebrate the New Year and it does it in style. The place to be in is Sydney Harbour. About a million people gather there for the spectacular fireworks show that lights up the graceful Sydney Bridge. Music blares over the bridge, the party kicks in and lasts well after the fireworks are over. Taking a cruise and watching the fireworks from the water is another great way to celebrate and offers some of the best views of the Sydney Bridge.
There are loads of pubs and restaurants around the Harbour and the city has a vibrant nightlife.
Weather in December: It’s summer in Sydney and temperatures range from 17 to 25ºC.

New Orleans

At the other end of the world, New Orleans throws an even bigger party than usual. People begin flocking to Bourbon Street early in the evening, downing drinks on the street and stepping in and out of the many bars and pubs that line the street. At midnight everyone heads to Jackson Square, which is just 10 minutes away, to watch the ‘Baby Bacchus’ dropping from Jax Brewery and be dazzled by the fabulous fireworks display over the Mississippi river. Then it’s back to Bourbon Street for an all-night party. The soul of the city is the music you hear in the French Quarter and some hot-ticket bands keep the party going.
Weather in December: Snow is extremely rare and temperatures range from 9 to 18ºC.

Las Vegas

It’s hard to beat the spectacle staged in Las Vegas. There are two big venues: The Strip and the Fremont Street. The younger crowd gathers at The Strip to watch the synchronized fireworks that shoot off from the roofs of casinos. Popular tracks provide the perfect soundtrack for the fireworks. The Strip gets very crowded so it’s advisable to arrive early. On Fremont Street there’s an entry fee for the America’s Party held under a massive canopy that stretches across 4 blocks. Expect Vegas style motorbike stunts, great bands and lots of drinking. The feel is pretty casual and there’s a confetti shower at midnight. Post midnight the action begins in the casinos with all-night betting.
Weather in December: Temperatures range from a high of 14 C to a low of 1ºC. It can occasionally get a bit windy but snowfall is rare in the city.

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Rio de Janeiro

Over two million people gather on the two and half mile stretch of Copacabana beach in Rio. They start arriving from early afternoon and the beach is packed by the time the long fireworks display begins just before midnight. It is launched from the ships anchored just off the beach. Several yachts and cruise liners too gather to watch the fireworks from the sea. Live concerts and Brazilian music add to the gaiety. What is also unique about Rio is that the locals all dress in white and offer flowers to the sea, seeking happiness, wealth and luck in the New Year.
Weather in December: Summer in Rio begins on December 22 so the heat isn’t oppressive by the end of the month. Average temperature is around 25ºC – just perfect to go for a midnight swim in Copacabana.


At midnight fireworks go off in all parts of the beautiful and historic city and Prague is bathed in colour and light by the exploding fireworks. The two main places to be in are near Charles Bridge and in the Old Town Square. You can dine at one of the many riverboat restaurants so you can watch the spectacle from the water or simply walk down the streets and join other revelers as fireworks are set off from Prague Castle. In the Old Town Square you can also buy and fire off your own hand-held fireworks but a little caution is advised.
The bars and pubs are teeming with people through the night and the atmosphere is unbelievably festive. It’s cold in Prague and temperatures dip below zero but that doesn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits in any way.
Weather in December: Temperatures range from -2 to +2ºC with the chance of snow and light rain.

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