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Salta La Linda or Salta The Beautiful

Salta is the capital of Argentina’s northwestern province of Salta. Founded in 1582, it has one of the best-preserved colonial architecture in all of Argentina and a distinctive Hispanic character. Stroll down narrow 18th century cobbled streets and admire the churches, plazas and lovely wooden balconies that jut out into the streets. Most places of interest, such as the Cathedral, the graceful white-washed Cabildo (Town Hall) and the elegant San Francisco Church, are located around the central square Plaza 9 de Julio, making exploring the city quite easy. There are also many nice museums like Museo Historico del Norte (located inside the Cabildo) and the Museo de la Ciudad (City Nuseum) where admission is free and you are requested to leave a donation when you leave.

Take time to visit a peña folclórica (folk tavern) and enjoy an evening of local music and dance. A favourite among the locals is El Boliche Balderrama. Most of the nightlife is in La Balcarce near the train station.

Teleferico a Cerro San Bernardo

A great way to observe Salta is by taking a Cable Car to San Bernardo Hill. The views are glorious and the hills provide a wonderful backdrop to the historic city.

The Train To The Clouds (Tren a las Nubes)

One of the biggest highlights of your holiday travel to Salta will undoubtedly be The Train To The Clouds. Your 15-hour journey begins and ends in Salta and it takes you through the scenic and varied terrain of Argentina’s northwest. From pampas grass to sculptural cacti, and from lush tobacco fields to lunar landscapes, your train adventure will take you from Salta city to La Polvorilla and back. La Polvorilla is situated at 13,845 feet above the mean sea level and the thinness of the air along the route makes it necessary for a medical facility to be aboard your train.
The Train To The Clouds is the third highest train route in the world and you will often see soft white clouds drifting below bridges or clinging to the mountain sides and hence the name of the train. You will traverse through 29 bridges, 21 tunnels, 13 viaducts, 2 spirals and 2 zigzags. The Polvorilla viaduct is spectacular – it is 224 meters long and 63 meters high.

Best time to visit: April to November

The average high temperature is around 22ºC but it get chilly at night and lows range from 3 to 14ºC. The advantage of going in winter is that you will get no rain.

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