Yacht Charter Holidays


Yacht Charter Holidays

One of the best ways to enjoy your holiday travel is aboard a yacht. You can just charter a yacht and then set your own course and sail at your own pace. Unlike big cruise liners, your holiday will be more tranquil. Greece, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Alaska, Turkey and Australia are just some of the places that offer you incredible opportunities to go sailing in crystal blue waters. If your budget doesn’t permit, you may want to consider Cruise Holidays as an option.

Generally private yacht charters are available on a weekly or daily basis but most companies are flexible and can tailor your trip to the duration you desire. A misconception is that yacht charters are for the super rich. Unless you are thinking of a luxury yacht charter with a big crew and luxurious interiors, a yacht charter holiday can cost you as much or slightly more than a regular holiday. The reason is that you do not pay separately for hotel stays and meals can be cooked on board. The choice of yacht, whether you plan to sail yourself or hire a skipper and crew as well as the duration of your charter will determine how much the charter will cost you.

There are three basic options available if you want charter a yacht: Bareboat Charter, Skippered Yacht Charter and Crewed Yacht Charter.

Bareboat Charter

If you are an experienced sailor then you may want to go for this option. Bareboat charters mean that you choose a yacht from a charter company and sail it yourself. The yacht is fully equipped and ready to sail when you go aboard. You are required to put down a security deposit which is refunded when you return the yacht in the same state you got it in. A Bareboat Charter allows you to drop anchor wherever you like and sail at your own pace.

Skippered Yacht Charter

This is perfect for those who either don’t want to or can’t navigate the boat. Your yacht will be skippered by an experienced captain who may be the owner of the yacht or he may be employed by the charter company. The skipper knows the area and waters very well and can take you to isolated bays, suggest shore trips and recommend great local bars and restaurants. For those learning to sail, he may even provide valuable sailing tips.

Crewed Yacht Charter

If you are many people on board or don’t mind paying more, you should opt for a Crewed Yacht Charter. In addition to an experienced skipper, a cook and/or hostess will sail with you and if necessary you can increase the size of your crew to suit your needs. This undoubtedly is a very luxurious way to sail. Some charter companies also organize sightseeing trips and provide kayaks, snorkeling gear etc.

Sailing Conditions

Before you book your yacht charter check the weather, wind and sea conditions along your chosen route. Choppy seas, fierce winds and rain will mar your holiday.

Recommended Sailing Routes

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