Holiday Dubai!

So you have heard of all the incredible buildings and the property development that has been happening in Dubai over the last five years. Yet nothing prepares you for the reality. The real estate projects are on a different scale altogether. Burj Dubai – the world’s tallest building, the Palm Islands – the largest […] Continue Reading…

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Rajasthan Holiday: Places To Visit

Rajasthan, located in the northwest part of India, is the country’s largest state. Most of the area is covered by the Thar desert. The rich culture, magnificent palaces, massive forts, exquisite temples, vivid fabrics, soulful folk music and great cuisine create a rich kaleidoscope of experiences. This is one of India’s most popular tourist […] Continue Reading…

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The Best Udaipur Hotels

Udaipur is one of Rajasthan’s most charming cities which has many lakes and palaces and part of the charm of staying in Udaipur is to experience a bit of royal living. Many grand palaces and havelis (traditional residences) have been turned into heritage hotels. Their wonderful architecture, antique furniture and turbaned stewards give you […] Continue Reading…

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Best Hawaii Beach Destinations

Hawaii is made up of over a hundred islands that were formed by volcanic eruptions. It is the 50th state of the United States and is located in the central Pacific Ocean. There are six main islands in Hawaii: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii (also called the Big Island to distinguish it […] Continue Reading…

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Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve

The only place you can see tigers in the wild is in India. They have been declared an endangered species and only about 1,200 Royal Bengal Tigers across 18 tiger reserves in India survive in the wild today. Deforestation, encroachment, poaching and over grazing have led to a decline in the tiger population. So […] Continue Reading…

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California – A Heady Mix

California, pronounced and often erroneously spelt as Califonia, is the 3rd largest state in the USA. It is one of the most geographically diverse states with sunny beaches on the west coast, deserts in the southeast, snow capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada in the east and a fertile central valley.

The state of […] Continue Reading…

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Alaska Yacht Charter Holiday Travel

If you want to see humpback whales cavorting in the sea, grizzly bears feeding on salmon and mighty glaciers crashing into the sea, the only way to do it is to explore Alaska on a yacht. Cruise liners can also take you along the same routes but a smaller yacht can take you much […] Continue Reading…

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Greek Islands Yacht Charter Holidays

There are over 3,500 islands in Greece which means you can never tire of exploring. History, culture, quaint villages, great food and wonderful weather from April to October create the perfect ingredients for a fabulous sailing holiday.

If you go on a crewed yacht charter or a skippered yacht charter, you can plan your […] Continue Reading…

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Yacht Charter Holidays

One of the best ways to enjoy your holiday travel is aboard a yacht. You can just charter a yacht and then set your own course and sail at your own pace. Unlike big cruise liners, your holiday will be more tranquil. Greece, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Alaska, Turkey and Australia are just some […] Continue Reading…

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Great Christmas Cruises for the holiday season

A great way to spend your Christmas is aboard a cruise liner. Some people book a cruise along with their extended family and celebrate Christmas together like every year but aboard a liner. Most cruise ships have loads of Christmas activities planned for kids, including a Santa who distributes gifts. Some ships also conduct […] Continue Reading…

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