How to plan your holiday travel


Where to go?
When to go?

The best thing to do while planning a holiday is to figure out what is fixed – your holiday destination or your travel dates.

If you know where you want to go, then find out what is the best time of year to visit that place and then plan your holiday travel accordingly. You don’t want your holiday to be rained out, literally. For example, if it’s Venice, you may want to avoid rainy November and instead go in May, June or September when the weather is pleasant and the place isn’t overrun by tourists.

Families with children often holiday during the schools’ summer holidays in which case they should choose places which have ideal weather in July and August. Most parts of North America and Europe have great weather during these months, as do South American countries like Peru and Brazil.

To help you with choosing your destination, a few places have been suggested on this site based on the kind of holiday you may be looking for. Do you want a romantic getaway or are you keen on sea, sand and surf? Do you want to go trekking or do you want to brush up on history? You will find some great holiday destination ideas on this site.

Of course no holiday would be complete without buying tickets, be they for flights, trains, coaches or cruises. Car hire is another possibility. Read Holiday Travel Resources to help you with your decisions.

Staying at the right hotel too can often make or break your holiday. So do take the time to make informed decisions about your holiday accommodation. From budget hostels to boutique resorts and grand palaces, the choice of places to stay can be varied and it pays to read up what other travelers have to say. Many people also opt for timeshare to make the most of their vacations.

A handy companion on your travel is without doubt a travel guide. Each guide is based on exhaustive research by seasoned travelers and covers everything you need to know about a city, town or village within a country or a region. It’s definitely worth buying a guide once you know where you are headed. Decisions about what to see and where to eat become so much easier and rewarding.

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