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Ace travel insurance

Ace travel insurance USA

Travel Ace Assistance is committed to fixing quickly any type of emergency that happens throughout your journey.

Travel Ace Assistance is a travel insurance company that provides its security plans at, an online comparison web site where you can locate around 450 policies given by greater than 20 companies.

Best travel insurance for visitors to USA

The firm was born as an insurance provider 35 years back. Because that time has been using extensive assistance solutions for vacationers with the help of its 24-hours alarm system facilities spread all over the world.

The firm operates in 150 countries and also counts with a qualified team of extremely trained professionals, who will react promptly to any type of emergency situation the insured tourist might have.

Travel Ace Assistance in numbers:

  1. The business operates in over 14.000 Latin American holiday company and also tourism organizations.
  2.  11 million lives are covered every year by its assistance services.
  3. 1 million vehicles are assisted every year by the insurer.
  4. More than 600.000 yearly clinical assistance services are provided throughout 5 continents.
  5. Over 1.6 million telephone calls have actually been processed without delay as well as successfully.
  6. It has a worldwide network of service providers make up by over 70.000 high-level experts and establishments.
    Issues covered by Travel Ace Assistance

If you employ travel insurance taken care of by this business, you’ll have security versus loss of luggage, ticket or documents; medical assistance in case of accidents or disease, medication protection in ambulatory and hospitalization instances, legal assistance, personal accident insurance, etc.

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