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Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

Location: Southeast Alaska

Park Tally: 41/59

Orientation: The National Park Service explains the charm as well as rareness of Glacier Bay flawlessly in this story:

” Glacier Bay is a homeland, a living research laboratory, a national park, an assigned wilderness, a biosphere get, as well as a world heritage site. It’s a marine park, where fantastic experience awaits by boating right into inlets, coves and also hideaway harbors. It’s likewise a land park, with its snow-capped hills, amazing glaciers, and emerald— eco-friendly woodlands. From the summit to sea, Glacier Bay’s wildness is remote, vibrant as well as undamaged.”

alaska cruise glacier bay
Alaska cruise Glacier Bay

alaska cruise glacier bay

Glacier Bay can be accessed using water or air and the only established area in the park is Bartlett Cove. There you can discover the Glacier Bay Lodge, Park Visitor Center, Huna Tlingit displays, hiking tracks, a public watercraft dock, sea kayak services and also a walk-in camping site. The nearby community of Gustavus has smaller accommodations, an airport, food store, and post office. We picked to fly from Anchorage into Gustavus and also based ourselves at the Annie Mae Lodge for 3 evenings whilst discovering the park.

 glacier bay boat
Glacier Bay boat

A lot of renowned views: Not surprisingly, the glaciers themselves are the emphasis of Glacier Bay. Margerie, as well as Johns Hopkins, are 2 of one of the most popular tidewater glaciers in the park— both displaying active “calving” (icefall) for visitors to get captivated over. The flourishing noise and also massive sprinkle of such a huge portion of ice breaking short is truly extraordinary to witness. These glaciers can be checked out via a cruise/tour boat or using the kayak.

 glacier bay tour
Glacier Bay tour

 glacier bay tour

We chose to take a National forest complete day boat trip of Glacier Bay. Our boat tour took a trip 130 miles right into Glacier Bay from Bartlett Cove and also had us out on the water for a total amount of 7 hours, enabling ample time to view our environments. An on-board Park Ranger shared a range of fascinating truths concerning the social as well as all-natural importance of what we were checking out. We saw a significant range of wild animals, including bears, whales, sea lions, seals, sea otters, as well as a variety of seabirds.

 glacier bay boat tours
Glacier Bay boat tours

 glacier bay boat tours

Accessible activity: Glacier Bay National Park, as well as Preserve, has a variety of “simpler” methods to go out and also check out. Popular alternatives are to take one of the full-day boat excursions (pointed out in detail over), go on a short walk near Bartlett Cove, or to immerse yourself in the freshly developed Tribal Facility.

The 1.1-mile Forest Loophole Path is a wonderful means to experience the park’s pleasant rainforest with a fast side-trip along the shoreline. The walk begins before Glacier Bay Lodge and ends near the boat dock. Keep an eye out for wildflowers during June and also July and also moving birds earlier in the season.

When Glacier Bay National forest was first developed, the native Huna Tlingit individuals suffered a lot of loss of their land. Not remarkably, this created stress in between the Tlingit people and also the National forest Solution. Disputes are reducing gradually as the Hoonah Indian Association and also the Park Service work to “rejuvenate traditional harvest tasks that are compatible with current laws, develop curricula for Huna youth, enroller summertime culture camps, and also accumulate and also maintain oral histories.” An impressive Tribal House was finished in 2016 as well as is open to visitors to learn more about Tlingit history and culture. During our visit to the Tribal Home, we were treated to a warm welcome by two Tlingit gentlemen who kindly shared a few of their understanding and also stories with us.

For the adventurous: A popular “larger” journey in Glacier Bay National Park is a backcountry sea kayaking journey. We fulfilled many individuals that had taken such a journey, as well as they, were breaking with incredible stories of wildlife and jaw-dropping views. Glacier Bay Sea Kayaks are located in Bartlett Cove as well as can equip visitors for multi-day trips and even for simply a few hrs, which is what we decided to do. It was fairly the reward paddling around Bartlett Cove, witnessing sea otters as well as birds angling in the calm waters as well as hearing wolves wailing in the distance.

Finest photo opportunities: We discovered Glacier Bay National Park to be very photogenic. Whether we were out on the watercraft photographing the glaciers, in the woodland surrounded by lush vegetation, or out on kayaks observing aquatic life … there appeared to be a limitless opportunity to record the ambiance of Glacier Bay. The Bartlett River Path was specifically gorgeous for photographing vibrant mosses and other vegetation.

Glacier Bay National Park facts

  • Glacier Bay was designated as a National Monument in 1925 and also, later on, came to be a National forest in 1980 under the Alaska National Passion Lands Discussion Act.
  • Glacier Bay is likewise a designated UNESCO Globe Heritage Site as well as an acknowledged Biosphere Book.
  • Glacier Bay National Park was developed to protect fragile marine ecosystems, in addition to essential Huna Tlingit ancestral homelands.
  • The Huna Tlingit people and also their forefathers have been surviving the land in and around Glacier Bay (known as S’e Shuyee) since prior to the last glacier advance.
  • Glaciers cover about 27% of the park (2,055 square miles) and there were 1,045 glaciers identified at last matter. 7 of these are tidewater glaciers, indicating they break-off or “calve” right into icebergs at sea level.
  • Wild animals discovered within the park consist of the grizzly bear, black bear, wolf, coyote, moose, deer, raccoon, fox, Dall sheep, wolverine, mountain goat, lynx, cougar, marmot as well as even more.
  • Glacier Bay likewise has plentiful marine and birdlife, consisting of whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals, sea otters, salmon, eagles, ravens, falcons, hawks, hummingbirds, ospreys as well as owls.
  • Glacier Bay has 220 days of precipitation yearly, so don’t forget your raincoat!
  • In 2016, Glacier Bay National Forest, as well as Preserve, had approximately 520,171 visitors according to the National Park Service.

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